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"The strength of Exostemtech is…World-class exosome mass production, analysis, and quality managemen

[an interview, ceo] The "platform technology developing, producing some the natural add-on to the following some eksso eksso" joyongu

[Park Do-yeong medigeiteu news reporter] " .. ask why many people treatment is important some eksso In the case of 19 For example, the corona virus is found in the body cure if you don't receive a ruling. However, some patients lung out of order, even if there is no virus suffering from withdrawal symptoms. At this time, treatment to restore lung function is needed, and I think stem cell exosomes are the treatment that enables regeneration. So, can not be hands in the study."

The size of 50 to 150 nm (㎚), which is secreted by cells are a little eksso sopooe package. Inside the exosomes released by stem cells, the original function of stem cells, the active substance to be restored when tissues or organs are damaged, is contained in the form of RNA or protein. Cho Yong-woo, CEO of Exostemtech, jumped into the business in the hope that the use of the stem cell exosome will overcome the limitations of stem cells and develop more valuable treatments.

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