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CEO Greetings
The healthy life of humankind is our mission.

Dear stakeholders who visited our website,


ExoStemTech, founded on March 8, 2016 at Hanyang University ERICA Business Incubation Center, is a biotech company that explores and harnesses beneficial features of exosomes to improve the quality of human life.   

Although business development status is still in its infancy, we are confident that our core technologies for exosome mass production and quality control are second to none in the world. Also, we are taking diligent steps to achieve our goal of bringing exosome therapies to patients based on these technologies.

Our main pipeline is stem cell-derived exosome therapeutics for various indications including osteoarthritis, liver fibrosis, and lung fibrosis. Especially, Cartisome®, our lead asset to treat osteoarthritis, is about to enter a phase 1 clinical trial as of October 2022.

All employees of ExoStemTech will strive with a sense of mission to make human lives healthier and happier by developing innovative, best-in-class drugs.

And as the CEO, I will conduct responsible management with sincerity as the highest value to meet the expectations of the internal and external stakeholders who trust ExoStemTech. We promise to make decisions to maximize the value of all our stakeholders at the crossroads of choice and do our best to create a sustainable company through effective risk management.


Thank you.


CEO Yong Woo CHO, Ph.D.

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