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Exosomes are nanosized membrane vesicles (50-150 nm) that mediate cell-to-cell communications.
They contain distinctive biomolecules, including miRNAs and proteins, that reflect the origin of the parent cells and their environment. Innately therapeutic cargos of stem cell exosomes are known to promote tissue remodeling and regeneration through cell proliferation and migration.

What are Exosome?
Stem Cell Exosome therapeutics

Osteoarthritis Treatment

CARTISOME® is an osteoarthritis therapeutic agent constituted of stem cell-derived exosomes, which contain anti-inflammatory and cartilage regeneration factors.

It will be applicable to patients with degenerative or post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis (K&L grade II-III) via intra-articular injection.

Mode of Action

- Anti-inflammation

- Pain relief

- Cell proliferation and migration

- Promoting synthesis of cartilage matrix

- Cartilage regeneration

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