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[Jump-Up Bio] Exostemtech said, "The first clinical trial in Korea next year...He's even going to ge

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Today's JumpUp Bio introduces Exostemtech, which develops stem cell exosome treatments. It aims to enter clinical trials in Korea next year. Based on this, we are also aiming to enter the KOSDAQ market. Reporter Moon Jung-woo says.

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Exosomes are tiny extra-vapor vesicles secreted by cells and are characterized by having cell regeneration.

If the existing treatment treated only the COVID-19 virus, the exosome treatment regenerates even broken lung tissue.

[Cho Yong-woo, CEO of Exostemtech: Exosomes secreted by stem cells are like avatars of stem cells, which are about one-hundredth of the size of cells that contain active substances that restore and regenerate damaged tissues and organs.]

Various studies on incurable diseases are being conducted in Korea using natural exosomes from stem cells.

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