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Exostemtech, Cancer Exosome Inhibitor Clinical Full-scale (The Bell)

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Exostemtech, a bio-venture specializing in the development of exosome-based treatments, will begin clinical trials using cancer exosome inhibitors. As it aims to be listed on the KOSDAQ through special technology cases in the second half of next year, attention is being paid to it.

According to an industry on the 16th, Exostemtech received approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for a combination of its cancer exosome inhibitor pipeline and immuno-cancer drug "Kitruda." Clinical trials are conducted in combination with phase 1 and 2a in Korea, and validity and a certain level of safety are verified together.

This clinical trial is for patients with progressive solid cancer who show recurrence or refractory to Keytruda. Kang Jin-hyung, a professor of oncology at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, is in charge of research organized by clinical trials. The main focus of this clinical trial is to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment and prove a certain level of safety when the combination of "EST-SFX-T (development name)" and Kitruda, an anticancer drug pipeline of Exostemtech, is to be administered to the patient group.

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